I realise I don't have pictures yet. I'm not in a position to upload pictures right now. Anyway, here it is!

Hi there. This page is about the easiest and simplest finds i have ver found and made. When trying this, it fixed the nozzle crookedness that was made by my poorly made UTC. It corrected the flight so that it went straight up. To do this, I modified the launching mechanism a little, but not too much. I'll say how to make that later. Anyway, I believe that the rocket went straight up, flipped over (?) and then came back down. It broke when it hit the ground, but it was just the joins, because i had used thin sticky tape, instead of anything stronger.

I believe that for simple things, pictures matter far more than words, so i'll have lots of pictures.

1. PET bottle greater than or equal to your rocket.
2. Rocket
3. 8x straws (skewers, carbon fiber rods, etc may also work)
4. Tape of some kind.
5. Your rocket!

1. Peel, clean and dry the body of your rocket.
2. Join the straws together into double straw lenghts. This shoud give you four big straws (you can extend the straws further if you have different sized straws). To         join the straws, just squeez one of of the straw so it fits into the end of the other straw. You can then secure this with sticky tape, but i chose not to.
3. Peel, clean and dry the 2nd PET bottle.
4. Cut out the flat section of the 2nd PET bottle. This is normally where the label is. DO NOT cut it so that you can unroll it. You want a small plastic cylinder.
5. Tape the 4 straws evenly around the inside of the PET ring. The straws should only stick out one end.
6. Tape the other ends of the straws onto the flat part of your rocket.
7. There! You're done! Now figure out a remote launcher system tha works with my launcher system (which, alas, i haven't said anything about yet.).
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