new building

January 9, 2009
Made a new building today. Did not take me long. Here's a pic. don't know what's up with the top-down view.



January 9, 2009
I started modeling a skatepark. Is the layout OK? Have i missed any important things(ramps, etc.)? I'll tidy up the mesh later.

email me at
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Start from Scratch

January 8, 2009
I decided to start from scratch practically (decent looking old buildings will stay but the terrain is new). Here's the image. You can go inside the bridges and the highway. Some of the tunnels don't join to the terrain properly but that's easy to fix, i just don't' want to do it now because it's easier to work on the map while everything's separate. A link to the dxf is this link. And the link to the picture is this picture

If a kind person with 3ds max 08 can export it to W3D I'd be grateful...
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New Buildings

December 17, 2008
got a couple of new buildings. got 1 picture for each of them. I made them both within the last couple of hours.

building 1------cube.blend---------pic
building 2------twin building.blend------pic---------------note* this building is meant to be used in a row of about 4 or 5.

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The Files

December 16, 2008
List of files relating to C&C_Ravine.

Buildings going on map
pyramid towers
oval tower                           screen1                                screen2

actual map
map screenshots           screen2            screen3  --screwed up link real is this            screen4            screen5           screen6           screen7

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New page

December 16, 2008
Got a new page. I'll be linking the stuff to it here. Links will be in HTML. Will post more pics and move the links to this page soon.

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