3d models page
 if you use any of these models please tell me (cnc reborn forums known as simfake). anyway make sure i'm mentioned in the credits! :)

models for cnc renegade/cnc reborn

tower2                     roundish tower--untextured no heightmap. ramps inside

bridge1                  big suspension bridge. WIP

ute1                      ute WIP                      (might not be uploaded depends if i can be bothered)

ute2                           ute 2 WIP

hovercraft1                   current era hovercraft. several versions

maps (cnc reborn/cnc renegade)

i've got a few maps in the works. 1st one to be completed will likely be one with the outside of the Australian parliament house

map4.               big map with bridge tunnels etc. not working ATM no idea why.

other random stuff

spaceship                  WIP

f-18 hornet             WIP

 this next file is the thing u use to get wavefront obj files into renx. all credit goes to who made it which i think is Chirs Cookson
importobj.zip importobj.zip
Size : 5 Kb
Type : zip
 models for cnc renegade/cnc reborn


fictional prison that i'm working on. not likely to be any .blend's for a while.

solid, edit, perspective.jpg solid, edit, perspective.jpg
Size : 91 Kb
Type : jpg

Pyramid Towers 

Pretty much finished the model of this. took me maybe 40 minutes?. anyway in .blend format  it's not all joined but there isn't any unnecessary polygons. only thing left is to build ramps in the pyramid section at the bottom but that can wait.

i like it nice sniper spot in the connecting bridge. no UV map cause i don't know how to do that.
pyramidtowers.blend pyramidtowers.blend
Size : 174 Kb
Type : blend
bigute.blend bigute.blend
Size : 152 Kb
Type : blend
tower1.blend tower1.blend
Size : 134 Kb
Type : blend
tower1.3ds tower1.3ds
Size : 6 Kb
Type : 3ds
screenshot1.jpg screenshot1.jpg
Size : 118 Kb
Type : jpg
screenshot2.jpg screenshot2.jpg
Size : 75 Kb
Type : jpg
bridge1.3ds bridge1.3ds
Size : 85 Kb
Type : 3ds
bridge1.W3D bridge1.W3D
Size : 393 Kb
Type : W3D
bridge1.gmax bridge1.gmax
Size : 2303 Kb
Type : gmax
bridge1.blend bridge1.blend
Size : 372 Kb
Type : blend
ute1.3ds ute1.3ds
Size : 1 Kb
Type : 3ds
ute1wwheels.fbx ute1wwheels.fbx
Size : 455 Kb
Type : fbx
ute1.blend ute1.blend
Size : 122 Kb
Type : blend
hovercraft 1
hovercar missile1.blend hovercar missile1.blend
Size : 144 Kb
Type : blend
hovercar missile2.blend hovercar missile2.blend
Size : 1299 Kb
Type : blend
 maps for cnc reborn/cnc renegade
edited  it more all things should have different colours (well most) for some reason gmax doesn't like the 3ds im exporting while blender thinks it's fine.is there a limit on the number of different meshes you are allowed to importt/export with .3Ds if u know leave a comment at bottom of page

see topic in cnc reborn mapping forum for details. got a lot of screenshots so yeah. BTW they all work in blender

 map4buildings.file extension are the current files note the .3ds may not be the current version

from now on unless there is a problem or i want somebody to test, all WIP models will be in .blend format. get blender from www.blender.org
you dont' even need python to run it and export it to dxf, 3ds, and wavefront .obj. the renx wavefront obj importer is found at the top of the page. map4buildings.blend updated. I know there is a major flaw but it's fixed in my version. i just could not be bothered uploading it.

here's a new version. some screenshots so it looks good. .blend files are the most updates as Renx failed (and indeed, is still failing)
see here for a list of changes
solid1.png solid1.png
Size : 95 Kb
Type : png
solid_bottom1.png solid_bottom1.png
Size : 71 Kb
Type : png
solid_fork_train1.png solid_fork_train1.png
Size : 76 Kb
Type : png
solid_top1.png solid_top1.png
Size : 84 Kb
Type : png
wireframe1.png wireframe1.png
Size : 108 Kb
Type : png
wireframe_bottom1.png wireframe_bottom1.png
Size : 72 Kb
Type : png
wireframe_fork_train1.png wireframe_fork_train1.png
Size : 119 Kb
Type : png
 older but perhaps still relevant
blender1.jpg blender1.jpg
Size : 140 Kb
Type : jpg
blender2.jpg blender2.jpg
Size : 125 Kb
Type : jpg
blender_dxf_import1.jpg blender_dxf_import1.jpg
Size : 116 Kb
Type : jpg
blender_dxf_import2.jpg blender_dxf_import2.jpg
Size : 94 Kb
Type : jpg
blender_obj_import1.jpg blender_obj_import1.jpg
Size : 172 Kb
Type : jpg
blender_obj_import2.jpg blender_obj_import2.jpg
Size : 141 Kb
Type : jpg
blender_obj_import3.jpg blender_obj_import3.jpg
Size : 107 Kb
Type : jpg
renx_obj_import1_rotated.jpg renx_obj_import1_rotated.jpg
Size : 144 Kb
Type : jpg
renx_obj_import1_unrotated.jpg renx_obj_import1_unrotated.jpg
Size : 148 Kb
Type : jpg
map4buildings.W3D map4buildings.W3D
Size : 5360 Kb
Type : W3D
map4buildings.blend map4buildings.blend
Size : 634 Kb
Type : blend
map4buildings.mtl map4buildings.mtl
Size : 1 Kb
Type : mtl
map4buildings.dxf map4buildings.dxf
Size : 1030 Kb
Type : dxf
map4buildings.obj map4buildings.obj
Size : 335 Kb
Type : obj
map4buildings.3ds map4buildings.3ds
Size : 189 Kb
Type : 3ds
map4.blend map4.blend
Size : 1293 Kb
Type : blend
map4.W3D map4.W3D
Size : 2017 Kb
Type : W3D
grass.jpg grass.jpg
Size : 443 Kb
Type : jpg
heightmap1.tga heightmap1.tga
Size : 796 Kb
Type : tga
map4.3ds map4.3ds
Size : 439 Kb
Type : 3ds
map4.blend1 map4.blend1
Size : 1293 Kb
Type : blend1
 other random stuff
 spaceship 1
render1.jpg render1.jpg
Size : 21 Kb
Type : jpg
spaceship1.blend spaceship1.blend
Size : 160 Kb
Type : blend
f-18 hornet
hornet1.blend hornet1.blend
Size : 262 Kb
Type : blend
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